home01ALMO has been supplying quality, precision machined aluminium mould bases to the plastic industry for the past 30 years and the company has established itself as a leader in aluminium mould manufacturing.

Aluminium Mould Sets are available today to the toolmaker. Just as with ready-made steel mould sets, now you can purchase ready-made, off-the-shelf Aluminium Mould Sets. This spares the toolmaker the job of having to produce his own mould sets and leaving him free to concentrate on the work of cutting cavities, reducing the overall time taken to produce finished moulds.

A high grade of aluminium has been especially used for these mould sets, developed and tested for the purpose of injection moulding. Its characteristics are extreme hardness, as a result of being heat treated, and excellent dimension stability as it is stress-relieved. There are various standard widths of moulds: 125, 156, 196, 246 and 296mm, all of which can be obtained in a variety of lengths. Further specifications can be obtained by clicking on the required mould size on the products page.

With Aluminium Mould Sets' unique, patented design, all clamping arrangements are incorporated in the mould sets. There are provisions for waterways running along the length of the mould. All mould sets are manufactured in the UK on an advanced machine centre, to strict tolerances. They are supplied fully-machined, bored, unassembled with leader pins, bushings, key plates, cap screws and ejector set. Backing plate is optional. The moulds, as you will receive them, will be ready for working on. We are happy to advise you on any technical application which you are considering for Aluminium Mould Sets.